Building a compassionate healthcare ecosystem,
one experience at a time

Bold Digital Health is a collective of digital product innovators dedicated to helping healthcare organizations create inclusive experiences that reach more patients.

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Where we have created impact

What we do

We dismantle healthcare disparities through digital transformation

We’re product design and development experts who bring diverse lived experience to our work, helping clients build more inclusive healthcare experiences for all people, informed by data and a rigorous commitment to testing. Here’s where our capabilities shine:

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  • Health Equity Data Audit
  • Market & Customer Research / Vendor Discovery
  • Product Strategy & Solution Design
  • Product Development & Experience Design
  • Patient / Provider Promotion & Engagement
  • Healthcare Process Transformation & Automation
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Why It Matters

Every person deserves access to high-quality healthcare

Why It Matters

Unfortunately, systemic factors outside of peoples’ control continue to negatively impact their health. Understanding and addressing these factors, known as social determinants of health, is critical to ensuring that where you come from, what you look like, or how you identify never impacts your access to quality care.

At Bold, we believe that technology has an enormous role to play in achieving health equity. And that when we bring together diverse healthcare innovation experts, we can build more inclusive healthcare experiences that value all people and populations equally.


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who we work with

Our partners


Digital expertise in service of humanity


Bold Digital Health brings together product innovation experts who share a passion for health equity in pursuit of a single purpose: to expand access to compassionate healthcare.

As a collective, we assemble the right mix of researchers, strategists, designers, and engineers to help our partners think differently about healthcare innovation. We pioneer meaningful improvements to care by starting with the real needs of patients; by partnering with clinical experts to leverage evidence-based care; by rigorously testing our work; and by launching transformative digital experiences that delight and add value.

Technology continues to expand our notions of what’s possible — for healthcare, and for people. We believe that together, we can fully realize its potential to achieve a healthier future for everyone.


Amplify diverse perspectives. Bold is a mosaic, composed of innovation professionals with varied and vibrant identities, lived experiences, and areas of expertise. We believe our collective wisdom is the single most important factor in improving healthcare for all people.

All people deserve access to quality healthcare. We believe any barrier that impacts people’s ability to access care is a problem worth solving. And that when we undertake small but meaningful innovation, we chip away at systemic inequity and propel large-scale transformation.

Build solutions people need and want to use. For innovation to be truly impactful, solutions must be more than functional—they also need to be easy and enjoyable to use by many. Because in healthcare, reducing friction doesn’t just save time. It also saves lives. 

Curiosity fuels progress. Test and learn is more than a research approach to us — it's a way of being. We surround ourselves with smart partners and experiment with new ideas and approaches because when we keep an open mind, we expand the possibilities for healthcare innovation.

Diversity at BOLD

Equity is at the heart of our work. 90% of our team comes from a diverse background. We know factors like income, race, sex, and identity impact healthcare outcomes because the data proves it — and because we’ve lived it. Health equity is personal to us, and we bring this perspective to build products grounded in empathy. As such, it’s our intention every day to create a culture inclusive and celebratory of people of all backgrounds and lived experiences.

Founder Profile

Rafael M Lopes is a seasoned digital health expert with a passion for advancing health equity for all. His journey began at the age of 8 when he started his own business selling greeting cards door-to-door to pay for holiday gifts including a chemistry set for himself. His interests in science and healthcare led him to participate in a Biomedical Sciences fellowship during his first year of high school. Later, Rafael quickly jumped on board the internet revolution and was featured in Inc. magazine for his innovative offshore partnership approach to scaling his web development and marketing consulting company for healthcare related clients until the dot-bomb. 

In 2012, Rafael returned to healthcare after completing the Founder Institute tech startup accelerator program, where he launched an on-demand elder care marketplace before the Uberization of services. His passion for using design thinking to improve healthcare experiences continued to grow, and he has since led digital product innovation teams at healthcare organizations including Tenet / Conifer Health and City of Hope / AccessHope. Rafael has a proven track record of success in ideating, designing, building, and launching digital experiences across FinTech, AgTech, AgeTech, MedTech, and Digital Health. He has developed specialties around population health, cancer screening and support, patient & provider portals, digital front door strategies, decision support tools and healthcare operations process transformation. 

Rafael is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information Management Systems (CPHIMS) through and a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP) through The Beryl Institute. He holds a certificate in digital health strategy from Columbia Business School and an MBA in international marketing strategy from LMU. He currently advises health tech startups and is a design thinking program advisory board member at the University of California, Riverside. Rafael's unique combination of personal and professional experiences has fueled his commitment to improving the digital health experience for all individuals, especially those from traditionally underserved populations.


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